3 Ways to Bring an App Store to Windows 7

3 Ways to Bring an App Store to Windows 7, But, there are still few App Stores available for the Windows 7 powered computer and laptop and you can
3 Ways to Bring an App Store to Windows 7 - Well, you're looking to move ahead with the time period, where Windows 8 and recent versions of the OS, users are already living in. Yes, I'm talking of the Store application, which was introduced in the Windows 8 for the first time, and later it was carried out in Windows 8.1, and the newer Windows 10 as well. 

Windows 7 is still missing that store, and you are looking for a way out, to use the same or the kind of service without actually doing the upgrade. I completely understand the obsession you've with the Windows 7.

We all hate when things change, and we like to stick to the one we already have and are familiar with. This is the reason why you're looking to get a similar kind of tool, installed and activated in the Windows 7 powered computer or laptop itself, rather than moving with the upgrade.

For the record, if you're using a Genuine Windows 7, and have kept it updated to all recent upgrades issued, then you should upgrade to the newer Windows 10. It is way faster than Windows 8 or 8.1 or any previous versions, and holds all similar and improved interface.But, make sure the system hardware is ready to take that new update. 

App Store for Windows 7

Install the App Store in Windows 7

Well, there is no official way to do this, or near to the official one. But, there are still few App Stores available for the Windows 7 powered computer and laptop and you can begin using the same, right away.

You need to do one simple thing. Get to know the best App Store available, install it, and start using the same. You just have to do the installation once, and then you'll find a lot of softwares and applications ready into the same.

#1 Nine

Once you install Ninite, and use it to be your daily store driver, then you're going to have a way better experience. For example, if you're looking to do a fresh Windows installation due to any reason, then once the re-installation is done, you don't need to look for softwares again.

This is because, this store will create a custom installation for the future use, taking the current state of the system as base, and in future, all your apps and games will be installed automatically by this simple to use the App Store.

Apart from this cool and helpful feature, you also get hundreds of useful apps and their updates directly under a single hood.

Download Ninite

#2 AllMyApps

This one looks very traditional, because of an old-school inspired user interface, and clear to use instructions. You need to create a free account to get started, and once you are inside, hundreds of apps will be available at your doorstep.

You can pick any of them, or search for them, or hunt for an appropriate one using the categories, and through either way, you'll get what you're looking for. It also offers a single stop to keep the existing apps updated too. All popular apps like Skype, Google Talk, AVG, Chrome, etc., are available inside. You can either use the search tool or find apps through the categories directly. The installation procedure of any of the apps is completely taken care by the AllMyApps.

Download AllMyApps

#3 Pokki

If you're looking for the exact visual version as of the default Windows Store, then try Pokki, because it offers two different visual versions that can serve that need. It also offers two stores, one for Windows XP, and 7 users, while the second one for the Windows 8 and newer version users.

In either case, you will get hundreds of apps and games to try or install from a single platform and you don't need to hunt for individual of them in future. All the updates to those apps are taken care by the store itself. It is free to use, and offers a good number of valuable apps without any price tag.

Download Pokki

Over to you

This is it guys! I guess, you're done with this tutorial and liked the way it proceeds. If you are still having any queries or issues, then explain yourself in the discussion section and I'll come up with a better solution ASAP. Till then, keep on visiting our blog for fresh tutorials and tech updates, and I promise to serve you with best possible content. Peace.