Between Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii

Between Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii - On last Sunday, Nintendo launched the Wii machine in the United States.
Between Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii

Possibly would not was winner

Between Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii - On last Sunday, Nintendo launched the Wii machine in the United States. Although the release for the Japanese territory still must be waiting till this coming December 5, practical all the machine game the newest generation that will compete each other were complete.

The world of the video game mentioned Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii as the machine home-system the seventh generation. In the previous sixth generation, the machine PlayStation 2 dominated absolutely surpassed the machine GameCube and Xbox. While the Dreamcast machine died premature because of the financial problem that struck Sega. Then, how approximately the battle prospect in this seventh generation?

The release

Xbox 360 stole start on November 22 2005, as that previously was carried out by Dreamcast. Apparently this was also caused by the Xbox popularity old that far below hope. For this year, Xbox 360 became the machine home-system most sophisticated.

PlayStation3 was released on November 11 2006, was followed by Wii eight days afterwards. The date of this release contributed the influence for the popularity and the price.

The Price

At the time of Xbox 360 just was released last year, his price a sky. But together with time, his price descended. Currently this machine priced approximately 400$ for the Xbox version 360 System and 300$ for Xbox 360 Core System (the economical version). In the meantime, PlayStation3 was defined 600$ for the version of the Premium and 500$ for the Basic version. Whereas Wii was appreciated 250$. But because just was released and the limitations of stock, for the time being the price of the two machines will bounce.


The Specification of the three machines has circulated since last year. PlayStation3 carried the bowel that most sophisticated, was followed by Xbox 360, and finally Wii.

The three machines had online facilities, Wi-Fi (depended his version), and the card save the data. PlayStation 3 relied on the media of Blu-Ray, that the jump of technology him-against DVD-comparable with from CD to DVD. Xbox 360, as belonging to Microsoft, was spoken of highly as the machine game powerful PC. Whereas Wii focused the development of technology on the control system.


The Xbox 360 more or less still like Xbox, that is serving the lovers game stylish PC made by America. Game Hello 3, for example, exclusive for this machine. The market of the guy’s TEENAGER was also scrutinized with game the kind Dead or Alive Xtreme 2.

Xbox Live facilities also most established, although this was more caused by the length operated. PlayStation3 relied on the sophistication. Hideo Kojima, the manufacturer game well known, chose this machine to put forward the performance audio visual game newest him, Metal Gear Solid 4.

Blu-Ray was the special surplus, where the owner of this machine could enjoy Blu-Ray movie. Only, still was certain did not yet be whether Blu-Ray became the continuer DVD, or his fate like my video that previously was overcome by VHS.

Wii focused on the innovation.

The Controller was mentioned Wii Re- beads-offered the new sensation in playing games.

Nintendo was also known as the producer software game that had a quality, and was not met to the artificial machine the other company.

Who the Winner?

Possibly what previously happened in the fourth generation battle will be repeated.

At that point, the machine Super Famicom and the Drive clouds machine almost balanced.

Xbox 360, PlayStation3, and Wii will together be successful.

Xbox 360 had the special market, although his superiority could be still being his weakness (why bought Xbox 360 if game him was also in PC that his performance was increasingly sophisticated exceeded this machine?

This machine also rather was helped by Hironobu Sakaguchi-creator RPG popular the Final Fantasy-with his Mistwalker Studio.

The Xbox reputation 360 in Asia will not be as tragic as Xbox. Concerning PlayStation 3, was difficult to imagine this machine will be as quick-selling PlayStation2. Could be PlayStation3 would like the Neo Geo machine that expensive and exclusive.

This in fact praise right! The Neo Geo machine previously indeed was not owned by anyone, but whoever had him was appropriate to feel special.

The Game was also very sophisticated in his time. And one matter more, Neo Geo was the machine game with the age longest in the history of the video game. This machine exist for 16 years, from the era Super Famicom to the era PlayStation 2.

Compared with Famicom that ten years, or PSone that six years. Apart from these appetites, Wii was his choice. In a manner technology, minimal this machine was more sophisticated was compared GameCube. That not to mention his game innovation and his price that will be cheapest. For Indonesia had one factor more, that is the DVD use that made game him more was easy to be hijacked than GameCube...