Chatbots Reshape Messaging Apps Change Face Marketing

Chatbots will reshape messaging apps and they will change the face of marketing - Chatbots, as faced by smartphone users may seem fairly rude
apps chatbots reshape messaging apps change face marketing
apps chatbots reshape messaging apps change face marketing

Chatbots will reshape messaging apps and they will change the face of marketing - Chatbots, as faced by smartphone users may seem fairly rude and indecent but the automated conversations will be a lot more useful as per what Michael Wolf, a technology strategist has to say. The future of messaging is the ultimate question and it has become a crucial point in how the users locate content and conduct different transactions as their patience with smartphone apps start fading. He says messaging could easily reshuffle the scene. Facebook reported messaging stakes with its $22 billion cash and stock deal for Whatsapp in the year 2014.

Marketing has always been about a company which sells off products to the masses by giving attractive ads in billboards which are seen by millions of people. Marketing has always been about casting the net as much as possible and reaching a few people and turning them into customers. However thanks to conversational marketing and messaging apps, this is all set to change.

Conversational marketing and creating a customized experience

2016 has been the year of conversational commerce and experts predict a new age of marketing. In this age of conversational marketing, brands no longer need to shout about their product pitches to the masses in order to reach out to few people. The best part is that the consumers won’t be disturbed by too many irrelevant ads in accordance with their present situation or needs. Brands will now reach customers through message bots and apps. Check out how.


Messaging apps always boost possibilities of discussion. Whenever we notice an ad in the billboard or in some magazine, we don’t engage ourselves with it. We see it and move on. On the other hand, when you opt for marketing through messaging apps, this allows the customer to react, to interact, to ask questions about the product and to engage them with the brand. This becomes more of a first-hand experience.


The interaction between the brand which sends messages and the consumer who receives it allows lot of learning. Did the customer open the message or did they reply? What are some of the questions that they asked? Did they buy the product immediately? Or were they irritated and annoyed by any specific message? From such interactions, the company can keep enhancing its general strategy and also adapt on a granular level by sending offers which are more relevant to each individual.

Targeting the best audience

Thanks to the constant learning and conversations, brands are allowed to perform extreme targeting. Each conversation between the brand and the consumer is one step towards knowing what exactly the consumer wants, what he needs and what he will positively react to. Accurate targeting isn’t only good for brand but it is also perfect for the consumers.

Are the consumers ready to accept the new marketing strategy?

It is not always easy to adopt a new marketing strategy as you need effort, time, money and knowledge. Although providing support through message apps may sound amazing, there are some who might hesitate to take the big leap. In a recent survey, 64.8% consumers agreed to the fact that businesses or companies should be available and can be contact through messaging apps.

Therefore Chatbots and messaging apps will offer a way out for brands to stay responsive and alert, virtually. The trick lies in the way a company builds a bot which is programmed to respond to different questions which their customers typically ask and this is even conversational enough to appear perfect.